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Challenge #6: Wolf Eyes

Challenge #6: Wolf Eyes

This time you have several base icons to choose from that go with the theme of "wolf eyes" while the werewolf is in human form. You have plenty to choose from, so you can only use these images. However, if you have or can find uncropped versions of the caps/pictures used and wish to crop yourself, that is allowed. But it must be the same shot.

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10

[x] You may make up to 4 icons.
[x] Use only the images provided (or your own cropped version of the same picture). Blending is allowed.
[x] Entries must not exceed LJ standards - nothing over 100x100 or 40kb. This does not mean the icons have to be 100x100 or anything.
[x] As long as it isn't animated and doesn't exceed LJ standards, anything goes.
[x] Entries are due by Monday, April 2nd.
[x] Entries must be new and must be kept anonymous. Entries will be unscreened after voting is over and winners are announced, so others may know who to credit. If you do not want your entry unscreened afterwards, let me know.
[x] Promote this community! So pimp! :)

Don't forget to vote for the challenge #5 entries here.
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