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Welcome; Pimping; Affiliates; Staff :)

Welcome to lycan_stillness. :) This community was created by leila_dessler and then handed over to myself and the_sublime_cat to co-mod. Currently, we are the only mods, and I am the only banner maker. If you'd like to become a co-mod and/or banner maker, please comment here or contact the mods through e-mail. :)

Right now there aren't many members, so it would be greatly appreciated if you would pimp this community anywhere and everywhere you can that's relevant. The more the merrier after all! Once we get enough members, the first challenge will be announced. I would love to see it up by this coming Monday. 

If you would like to affiliate with us, leave a comment here. :) We'd be happy to affiliate with any other icon communities (even personal ones, though no personal journals), or non-icon communities relevant to the subject matter. Again, leave a comment here or e-mail the mods. 

(Note: Do not contact us through personal journals. If it relates to this comm, then e-mail or comment here.)

So please, pimp us out, and be on the lookout for the first challenge this Monday (should we have enough members - Lycanthrope forms in movies. :)

Co-mod and banner maker,
Tags: affiliates, mod post, pimp, staff, welcome
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